About Us
Skillsafrica is a very aggressive, techno - smart lateral thinking entity that strategically links skills and opportunity. It pursues companies internationally, continentally and locally to ensure its members are well placed to be the best and earn the best. The company deals with the best in training and placements and wants only the best that the market has to offer and quality is what the business is based on.

It generally functions at two levels; one is a conventional means of business and the other is Internet or electronic based. Although engaging in conventional business Skillsafrica is radically unconventional in how it pursues success.

In the traditional sense Skillsafrica links people to institutions that:
  • Engage in skills transfer.
  • Networks people with existing businesses, products to emerging business.
  • Create employment opportunities.
  • Access government or other programs that give loans or grants to business or individuals.
  • Create collectives that have an interest in business and broader horizons in the employment field.
  • Provides a vibrant network of ongoing skills support.
  • Conducts seminars and workshops that motivate, enhance skills and awareness, and contribute to the overall development of individuals and entities in
    • Business
    • Law
    • Ethics
    • Safety
    • Policy
    • Trends

Accesses and gives discounted rates on all its related services
  • Business consultancy.
  • Business plans.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Company registrations.

Are you unemployed - skilled - overworked and underpaid – do you hate you boss or your job – want a better job – want to earn more money – want to work in exotic places – travel – access international markets – expose your art – design – film - literary works – products - create business to business linkages?

Then Skillsafrica is the place for you.

Aim :
  • To link every skilled person with opportunity -
  • To allow every unskilled person access to skills development -
  • To allow every African that dreams the means and support system to realize that dream.

``The poorest man is not the one without a cent, but the one without a dream.''
- Unknown.