Our Membership Options
Who is eligible?
Skillsafrica functions on the basis of membership.
  • Membership is the gateway to all the magic offerings that the company has.
  • The offerings vary from basic to platinum packages.
  • Skillsafrica has a limited time promotional join up-fee starting from R 500.00 per annum which is less than R 42.00 a month.
Cheap isn’t it?

Your fee allows you all the offerings of a sterling basic package inclusive of :
  • Accessing employment opportunity
  • Discounts on services, books, seminars, products, bizz-tools, software
  • Business and skills training programmes
  • Posting of c.v.’s or company profiles on the website
  • Posting your product, art, film or design range on internet
  • Free email address
  • Newsletter that has opportunities and other valuable information
  • Tender information and support services
  • Round the clock access to the site
  • And much much more that benefits you the member

Not only does the company cater to the employment seeker but also caters to emerging and aspirant businesses as well by offering a streamlined business package that is lucrative enough to bring profits to your eyes.

The business package allows you to:
  • Be further trained in things like customer care, branding, marketing at discounted prices.
  • Find the caliber of employees you want within the membership without the hassle of endless, frustrating, time consuming interviews with people with fake credentials.
  • Enjoy time and cost saving real-time interviews at competitive rates.
  • Market your business effectively and position it in the global trade space.
  • Market your product and get the kind of exposure that could be the turn-around to profitability.
  • Access new markets and opportunity beyond national borders.
  • Access grant entities that subsidize marketing, business plans and strategies.
  • Network with equity partners/investors at international and local levels.
  • Access distribution networks.
  • Access to special consultancy rates with our sister company.