What We Do
SkillsAfrica further allows individuals and entities to create opportunities to engage in collective buying which enhance profit margins, collective engagement in opportunity through the formation of joint ventures or companies coupled with an ongoing support system that raises their success rate from a 20% to 80%.

On the electronic field Skillsafrica markets and creates linkages between employment opportunity and members by allowing them to post their C.V.’s online and creating databases of companies seeking skilled personnel. Companies and individuals access these opportunities by searching the site for companies that suit their specific needs or skills or location of choice. This works locally, continentally and internationally. Not only do we check out our members but we check out the employers as well. Many people especially Africans, Indians and others from poorer countries are recruited by dubious recruitment agencies only to be made slave conditions or fall victim to human trafficking in other countries. We save you from that and give you a support system that ensures that you are supported in the country that you are taken to.
  • America,
  • Angola,
  • Britain,
  • Dubai,
  • Europe
  • the world is yours!!!!

Skillsafrica does not simply post information and passively waits for opportunity for its members but pursues opportunity by ensuring it constantly and strategically searches and researches the market for new opportunities. At the same time this techno-smart company markets itself aggressively to ensure that all avenues are explored and the positive outcomes of that drive directly benefits its membership. Skillsafrica creates win-win situations that removes one from the mundane rat race and strategically places one at the cutting edge of opportunity. International trade and employment opportunities and a better income and opportunity could become your reality at the click of a button with Skillsafrica.

Why earn less when you can make more!